12" 6000psi Compressed Air Hose Paintball HPA Fill Whip


This auction is for a BRAND NEW Parker Parflex 12" long 6000psi high pressure hose with male 1/8" NPT ends. There is a stainless steel female paintball quick disconnect installed on one end. It was made for use as a fill whip on a high pressure compressed air fill station, but you can use it for any other CO2 or compressed air use. This fiber wrapped black covered hose is rated for 6000psi Working Pressure. This hose would also be perfect as a brake line or small hydraulic line. This is the same kind of hose I use on the fill station for all of my paintball boosters. It is a really nice hose.


Do you own a field, store, or just your own booster system?  Do you have a spare fill whip?  What if yours goes out in the middle of a very busy day?  Would that hurt your business at all?  Why not pick up one of these to keep around just in case you need a new one in a hurry? I fill HPA tanks for local paintball players, and I keep a spare everything on hand at all times.  Do you?