Hydraulics International Air Driven Gas Booster Pump Paintball SCUBA HPA


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This is a used Hydraulics International air driven gas booster.  It is nearly identical to a HASKEL AGD30.  It is a double ended 30 to 1 ratio, so the formula for output pressure is:  ((30Xdrive air)+input pressure).  It is used for filling paintball compressed air tanks from a scuba tank, or high pressure cascade system.  This booster is in GREAT condition.  I have fully tested this booster, and it works flawlessly.  The high pressure inlet and outlet ports are 1/4" NPT female, and the low pressure drive air inlet is 1/4" NPT female.  It is not currently oxygen cleaned.  This booster has just been COMPLETELY overhauled.  It runs great, and is ready to be put to work.


To get started filling paintball or SCUBA tanks, all you would have to do is run a hose from your High Pressure air source to the HP inlet of this booster, and run a hose from your shop air compressor to the drive air connection.  This booster is self-recipricating, and double-ended, so it fills tanks very, very fast. This is a premium quality booster, perfect for any paintball field or SCUBA shop.  This booster was originally purchased by the military.  They paid over $20,000 for it.



The pressure ratio (output pressure to drive pressure) is ((30Xdrive air)+input pressure).  That means if you drive it with 100psi, and input 2000psi, you will get 5000psi out.  HOWEVER, the output pressure will never reach 5000psi if you do not input 2000psi or more.  You cannot get 3000psi from just your regular old air compressor.  That is not what a booster does.  It BOOSTS the pressure of a gas according to the formula listed above.


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