NEW 6000psi Paintball HPA Lever Push Button Fill Station Compressed Air


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This listing is for one BRAND NEW 6000psi rated lever type fill station valve for filling paintball compressed air tanks.  When you pull or push the lever in any direction, the air flows from the bottom male port through the filtered valve, and out the female side port.  When you release the lever, the valve closes the bottom port, and vents the side port.  One motion, instant HPA fills!  Both ports are 1/4" NPT.  Since this valve is rated for 6000psi, you can use it to fill 3000psi lines or 4500psi lines, your choice.  You can mount the valve from the bottom threads or from the top threads.  Just get a piece of plate, cut a 1" hole in it, mount that plate to your table, plumb the air line to the bottom port, and add a fill whip.  If you have the ability, you can disassemble this valve, drill and tap another 1/4"NPT port on the opposite side of the fill port, clean it all up and reassemble, and now you have yourself a gauge port as well.  This is the valve you have been looking for.