Silencer Muffler Paintball CO2 Fill Station Air Vent


This is a Silencer/Muffler for a Paintball CO2 fill station. Does your CO2 Fill station hurt your ears every time you bleed the line to remove a full CO2 tank? Make filling CO2 tanks a pleasant experience, not a dreaded one. Simply screw this silencer into the exhaust port of your noisy CO2 fill station, and it will COMPLETELY eliminate the loud hissing sound. No more aggravating, headache causing, ear piercing sounds! With this silencer installed, all you will hear is a nearly silent "whoosh" sound. 

The threads on this silencer are male 1/4" NPT, and it will work with almost every CO2 Fill Station on the market today. This silencer is guaranteed to reduce the exhaust sound of your fill station by as much as 95%, or your money back! 

This Silencer can also be used as a breather vent for any 1/4" NPT port, or as a silencer for any compressed air outlet.